Who we are

Raddisount Sportvertrieb, based in Germany, entered 1998 the european bike market with Raddiscount.de, the first high level online shop for bikes in Europe. Today, with a series of online shops, with marketing platforms, with over 1,000 own internet domains and 10,000 advertisement partners it constitutes one of the most important marketing and retail networks in Europe.

Raddiscount Sportvertrieb is the owner of the largest bike domain portfolio in Europe with such domains as bike.eu or rennrad.de. Check out the examples of our top domains here.

What we offer

We provide access to the european bike market

  • by placing your ads on our marketing platforms or our marketing network, or
  • by placing your products in our online shops, or
  • by making our domains available for you, so you can access the market directly.

We offer excellent investment opportunities

  • by offering our premium domain names as marketing investment for your company
  • by allowing investors to support our projects with equity

We invest in your ideas and projects

Interested? Feel free to contact us here.